[NAFEX] Euro plums in Kentucky

Ed Fackler ed.fackler at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 07:38:11 EDT 2008


     European plums can and will grow in KY as will Japanese hybrids.
However as Alan mentioned they all are susceptible to the common collection
of pests especially brown rot and curculio.  I've grown many, many varieties
of both just north and west of Louisville, KY for many years and some
European types are quite wonderful (Fr. Petite, Sannois and Alabaster were
possibly my favorites).  The one thing which applies to plums (and all other
tree fruits) is the annual need to heavily thin fruits which no one seems to
want to do or understand.  Also I'm not real sure a "spray or 2" will
control either curculio or brown rot in this extremely hot/humid climate.
Now I use 6-8 sprays per season in a "home orchard" situation and this is
cutting it to the minimum.

     Hope this helps.


On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 6:09 AM, Alan Haigh <alandhaigh at gmail.com> wrote:

> Eddy, I have no idea how Euros would do in Kentucky beyond postings and
> other exchanges I've had with more southern growers.  Their comments are not
> encouraging.  The Europeans are less likely to be damaged from spring frosts
> here as they bloom at least a week later than "Japanese" types.  I guess
> other members will pitch in more helpfully on this question.  Here the Euros
> are more susceptible to plum curculio- nothing a little Imidan can't
> handle.  It's hard to stick Surround to plums but it can be done.  The Euros
> also can be magnets for brown rot, but new fungicides can control that with
> a spray or 2 completed a month before ripening.
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