[NAFEX] reliance peach

Mark & Helen Angermayer hangermayer at isp.com
Mon Sep 8 14:17:29 EDT 2008

Alan wrote:

"If [Reliance] was the only tree ripened peach I'd ever eaten, I'd rave about it.  The thing is that there are better peaches in its season."

That's a good way to put it, Alan.  I wouldn't want anyone to get the impression from me that it wasn't worth growing if it was the only peach they could grow.  Far from it.  What I'm judging (in my inexperience) is a matter of small degrees.  For instance, I could compare it to tomatoes.  Everyone knows home grown tomatoes (whatever popular variety) are infinitely better than store bought.  But home grown Brandywines are generally recognized to be more tasty than a homegrown hybrid types like, say, an Early Girl.  Well, I would compare Reliance to an Early Girl, and, say, a Harken peach, to a Brandywine, but both are certainly good.


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