[NAFEX] white peaches

Mark Angermayer hangermayer at isp.com
Sat Sep 6 22:13:09 EDT 2008

Alan wrote:

"White peaches taste bland to me, especially the new Zeiger low acid ones"

Right on!  I haven't been doing this nearly as long as Alan, but I've already come to the same conclusion.  We've got one low acid white peach, "White County" and it's as bland as can be.  I would describe it as the "Red Delicious" of peaches.  All it is, is a mouthful of sugar.  My understanding is low acid peaches were invented so growers could pick them early/under-ripe/firm, and because the sugar is high relative to acid, they will still taste relatively sweet. I doubt I'll knowingly plant another low acid peach.  As a contrast, my wife likes this peach (her tastes differ significantly from mine).  She thinks it tastes like peach candy.

Thanks to Scott, Alan and Judson for their peach recommendations.

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