[NAFEX] alum in odorous Autumn olive?

Hank Burchard hank at burchard.org
Sat Sep 6 17:29:36 EDT 2008

Alan, I must live in a parallel universe, because my Autumn 
olives/Autumnberries have a very pleasant but fugitive fragrance that is 
underwhelming even downwind from a row of them in full bloom. And while 
the berries do indeed tend to be puckery unless dead ripe, your 
statement that they have high levels of alum is news to me; I don't 
recall ever seeing alum mentioned in even very detailed analyses of the 

However, supposing your comment about Hidden Springs's cultivars is 
accurate, how does that make them unsuitable for juice or jelly? I've 
never made preserves from them because the fruit is too soft, but the 
juice and jelly are delicious. I make at least six and often more than a 
dozen cases of Autumnberry jelly every year, and generally by late 
spring I've been cleaned out by friends, family and the patrons of the 
bed & breakfast across the way. I'm still waiting for my first complaint.

Hank Burchard
Pecker Wood Farm
7b central Virginia
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> While I realize that plants perform differently depending on their
> environment, if you have an autumn olive without a very heavy, and to most,
> very pleasant fragrance you don't have an autumn olive plant or you don't
> have a nose that functions normally or one of us lives in a separate
> universe.  I would bet it's the first.
> I used to grow a couple Hidden Springs cultivars, and while the fruit was
> much larger on both than the native seedlings around here, I found it
> useless for juice or preserves because of the high level of alum.  I keep a
> few plants on the forest edge to serve my various pollinators who just love
> the extremely fragrant flowers.  It's a very enjoyable fragrance to me as
> well.

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