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Hank Burchard hank at burchard.org
Fri Sep 5 16:28:50 EDT 2008

Hello Hector and John. I'm an Autumn olive (or Autumnberry, as USDA and 
I now prefer) nut, with all six of Hidden Springs's cultivars in bearing 
along with a dozen plants I've collected from the Blue Ridge to Ohio. It 
is a superb plant, producing scads of fruit whilst fixing nitrogen and 
supplying browse for deer and cattle. I bristle at hearing it called an 
"exotic and invasive" species. In the first place, I think it's time to 
grant citizenship to a shrub that was introduced into America in 1825 
(you could look it up). In the second place, the species "invades" 
mainly hedgerows, abandoned fields and waste places such as "reclaimed" 
(ha!) strip mines, where it acts as a nurse species that eventually is 
shaded out.

John, if your Charlie's Golden doesn't absolutely delight you, it must 
be at best a distant relative of Hidden Springs's cultivar. I like all 
their others, but the CG is such a standout I have bought five of them 
and now pretty much leave my other Autumnberries to the songbirds, deer 
and wild turkeys. The coons, possums, bears, groundhogs and squirrels 
ignore them, which amazes me; the deer browse the leaves whilst 
carefully avoiding the fruit, for which I have found no explanation. I 
make jelly of CG, and can expect 25 to 35 pounds of fruit per shrub, 
depending on how assiduously I harvest. The juice produces an 
extraordinarily handsome and tasty jelly, which is in such demand from 
family, friends and neighbors that I finished my last jar in August and 
am impatiently awaiting this season's harvest.

I heartily recommend Hidden Springs's Charlie's Golden. Plant one 
carefully and cosset it and it will bear in the second year. Stick it in 
the ground and neglect it and it will bear in the third year.

regards, Hank Burchard
Pecker Wood Farm
7b central Virginia
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> Hello John,
>    Charlie's Golden is a Hidden Spring's variety unless someone else has taken the name.  You should try  some of the others.  We're about to start harvesting in a few weeks.
>   Hector    zone 6 middle TN
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>         I am familiar with Ruby, Garnet and Charlie's Golden (haven't tried Hidden Springs' ones yet), but was wondering if there are any other named or interesting cultivars out there.  Could anybody comment regarding other varieties?  
>         I'm growing Garnet currently but so far not impressed. Have a local growing wild plant that produces larger and better tasting fruit.
>         I'd also be interested in obtaining some seed from a yellow or other unusual variety for experimentation (could provide some Garnet seed later this year).
>         Thanks
>         John

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