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Around here, the kousa's are considered just a decorative dogwood.  I had to mail order my Big Apple.  So far, I am not overly impressed by the size of the fruit.  It's only slightly bigger than the other more common kousa's at the local nurseries.

I do not consider the pith inside the fruit as the edible portion, for me, there is a clear jell coating around the hard seeds contained in the pith that has an excellent flavor, but very little to consume.  If there was a way of increasing that portion of the fruit, or extracting it or its flavor, then I think we would have something. I am hoping that with time the fruit size of my 5' tree will increase and after hearing about yours, I' also hoping that the pith will improve.  I guess I should ask if you are sure that flavor is coming from the pith or the seed coating in the pith?


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Does anyone grow the "big apple" variety of cornus 
kousa?  I am looking for suggestions on ways to use/process the 
We put in a couple of trees in the spring of 2005 
and this year they gave us a modest sampling crop (~100 fruits).  The 
fruits are about one and a half inches in diameter with a very tough (and 
somewhat bitter) exterior and soft sweet pulp.  The texture of the pulp is 
fairly dry and has a fair amount of grit, but is sweet enough that I am hopeful 
it could be processed in some way into a more tasty product.
The trees like they will be easily maintained at 
around 7-8 feet in height.  I have them at a 4 foot spacing and are filling 
in as a nice hedge along the deck.  They have beautiful white flowers in 
the late spring which last for several weeks.
If I can't find a good use other than fresh eating 
(we are currently splitting the fruit in half and scooping out the fruit with a 
small spoon), I will probably move them to a more marginal spot to make room for 
a more useful plant.
Thank you,
Kurt Brubaker
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