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> Last year, after doing a frustrating search for a Belle of Georgia Peach 
> Tree, I spotted a nice looking grafted one at my local Home Depot.  I 
> normally 
> don't buy from the builder's store, but the price was right and the tree 
> looked healthy. 

This reminds me:

Several years back while traveling through Georgia, I purchased a few Belle 
of Georgia peaches at a farm stand. Delicious!!!  Stratified three seeds, dug a 
nice large hole, replaced with rich top soil then planted the seed early 
spring. Two germinated and grew about 4 feet that first year. The second year to 
maybe 7 feet. The third year they bore fruit, large, looked like Belle and was 
every bit as good as Belle the seed parent. Being in zone 5 and Belle being a 
southern peach, both froze to death that following winter!    Bummer!


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