[NAFEX] Do I have a white flesh peach?

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Sounds like a yellow-fleshed peach to me.

Stark Brothers sells the "Carolina Belle" peach, which was bred from the Belle of Georgia.  I have one, and it's a great peach--I highly recommend it.

Eddie Earles

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>Last year, after doing a frustrating search for a Belle of Georgia Peach 
>I spotted a nice looking grafted one at my local Home Depot.  I normally 
>buy from the builder's store, but the price was right and the tree 
>looked healthy.
>It started bearing fruit the very next year.  I was glad to see it was 
>several weeks
>later than my Redhaven.  I'm just now beginning to see a dropped peach.  The
>Fruit, Nut, and Inventory book says you should leave these peaches on 
>the tree
>until they drop for maximum ripeness.  The fallen peach looked clean, 
>but when
>I opened it up, I saw a yellow color, almost identical to my Redhaven, 
>yet this is
>supposed to be a white fleshed peach.  My concern is whether this tree 
>is miss-
>labeled, although the grower had put a distinctive tag on the tree as a 
>Belle of
>Georgia.  I called a friend of mine, who also grows this variety, and he 
>said that
>this year his Belle of Georgia also was giving yellow flesh peaches.  
>Question, is
>this a recognized phenomenon with white fleshed peaches, possibly due to 
>climatic effect here this year in the Chicago area, or do I have  a 
>           Sherwin Dubren
>           Morton Grove, Illinois

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