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Do they have any varieties that tolerate alkali soil and water?  (Joking but
hoping for a miracle.)




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As a small nursery owner that has in the past ordered a couple hundred
blueberry plants from Hartman's I feel a desire to defend them as a
supplier.  Blueberries are difficult plants to establish as far as
maintaining adequate moisture.  Any negligence during the growing season can
lead to stunting or death if there is even a short period of drought.

I sense that some of those writing about survival of plants failed to
understand what they were buying from Hartmans.  Because the plants are sold
in a planting medium (potting soil) instead of bare root they can grow
quickly if handled properly because they suffer little root damage in the
exchange from seller to buyer.  However, bare root plants develop all their
roots in the soil in which they are planted which makes them less
susceptible to drought during their early establishment.  Potting soils dry
out much more quickly than their surrounding soil to begin with.  Adding to
the difficulty is the factor of capillary pull in that when surrounding soil
is dryer than the potting medium it will pull moisture out of the potting
soil.  All container grown plants require special attention to moisture
level while establishing in actual soil.  Blueberries, because of their slow
root growth require much more attention than most.


Hartman's does supply a great variety of blueberries, which is very useful
to all growers.  When the plants arrive they are very healthy and have the
potential of rapid establishment, at least in my experience.  One variety
that I would not want to do without is Elliot, which is singularly my most
important cultivar for extending the blueberry season.  

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