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I think that I have mentioned our method before-we use ice chests, like
you use in the summer to keep food cool for camping or picnics, the
bigger the better.  We open or close them or move them in or out of the
garage to maintain the desired temp for the fruit.  We monitor the
temperature in the ice chest with a remote reading digital thermometer,
so we don't have to open them to check the temp.  It works well for us,
and I ate my last Northwestern Greening from fall 2007 harvest in July
2008, and it was good enough to take with lunch as a snack.


Jim, in Menomonie, WI


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How do folks go about storing their fruit?  We had our first harvest
this year and much went into the freezer or got processed into sauce or

We don't have a garage and I'd worry that rats and other critters would
decimate anything stored in the barn.  

What (inexpensive) storage methods have folks come up with for ripening
apples and storing other fruits properly?

We get winter temps that are quite variable with lows below freezing
frequently for weeks at a time...so not sure that storing outdoors would


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