[NAFEX] Apple opinions

Steve sdw12986 at aol.com
Thu Oct 9 19:56:49 EDT 2008

Deb S wrote:
> Hi all
> I'm planning on adding more apple trees next spring and was looking for 
> opinions on the following varieties:
> William's Pride
> Zestar
> Melrose
> Wolf River
> We are in SE Ohio in zone 6.  Clay soils will be on well-drained 
> locations. We already have a Queen Cox which produced for the first time 
> this year (at age 4 years).
> I'm interested in flavor, disease resistance and plant vitality.
> Thanks!
> deb

Isn't Melrose the official state apple of Ohio? You need one of those!

Steve in the Adirondacks (former Ohioan)

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