[NAFEX] Foxwhelp cider apple and victoria limbertwig

David.Maxwell at dal.ca David.Maxwell at dal.ca
Sun Nov 30 13:10:39 EST 2008

Claude (and Lisa to a lesser extent, because I can't send you grafting wood across the 
border),  I have had trees which were labelled Foxwhelp for a number of years, 
(unfortunately, so long ago that I have lost the original origin).  I never thought to look more 
closely at my apples, and now there are none to look at, because they are all in my cyder.  
My "Foxwhelps" ripen in mid-September, (not October), but are small, and as I remember 
bright red, and certainly resemble the picture of Foxwhelp in Joan Morgan's book (The Book 
of Apples).  I may actually have genuine Foxwhelp, (but would want to verify this more 
specifically next season before swearing to it).  I would be happy to send you scions if you in 
fact do not have the real thing. (I also have a number of other cyder varieties if you are into 
making cyder, including a couple of French ones (Frequin Tardif, Pomme Gris, Marechal, 

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