[NAFEX] lemon juice substitute

Bassem Samaan bassem at gardener.com
Sat Nov 29 11:36:23 EST 2008

There's a Middle eastern variety of Sumac that is red and has a lemony
flavour. I know that it was used as a substitute for Lemon. It's still
being used widely today in salads and as a spice on meats.


Bass Samaan

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Sorrel’s a brilliant idea for a lemony-flavor, and it’s got the sour. 
Lemon balm as another herb, for a softer lemoniness; or lemon verbena. 
But if it’s sour juice being sought, then the earlier suggestion of
verjus was also the first to my mind.  Also, of course, homemade fruit
vinegars.  One could also try growing trifoliate orange, an
interesting-looking plant that’s extremely cold hardy for a citrus.  The
coldest extreme I’ve heard mentioned for it is 20 below; of course, I
wouldn’t count on that
 There are a few citrus that will survive zero
degrees, but I think we’re looking for something even more cold
tolerant.  Trifoliate orange is sour and a bit bitter, as I recall; and
any citrus is sour when underripe (I expect and welcome corrections
whenever wrong, btw).  I hope someone here might have some experience
with it as more than just a dwarfing rootstock.

I wouldn’t recommend crabapple for a lemon substitute.  It might work,
but why not apple cider vinegar, instead, if you want an apply sourness?

~ Stephen

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My grandmother was born in Indian territory (Oklahoma) in 1895.  In her
journal, she wrote about making sorrel pie as a substitute for lemon pie.
 Sorrel or dock (Rumex sp.) is a sour, lemony green that imparts a lemon
flavor to savory dishes.  I've never used it in a sweet dish, but there
is a precedent for it.  Not a fruit, but it might serve your needs.


Saundra Scarce

south Louisiana

  can anyone

    recommend crabapple cultivars (or any other fruit

    source of juice)

    useful as a temperate zone substitute for lemons?

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