[NAFEX] Snip your posts

Steve sdw12986 at aol.com
Wed Nov 26 18:22:51 EST 2008

Jim Fruth wrote:
>     I think those folks who don't snip their posts are either inconsiderate 
> or don't know how; I suspect most would fall into the latter category.  I 
> run into people quite frequently who didn't know they can copy/paste. 
> Whenever I post, I copy only that which I am responding to and paste it into 
> my outgoing post.  I suspect many either don't know how to do that or are 
> unaware of the process.
>     Then there are Mac users.  The Macs I have attempted to use didn't allow 
> the copy/paste feature.  When my 'puter goes to the shop, I don't post 
> messages because I use my wife's (newer model) Mac and it doesn't know what 
> copy/paste is.

But Jim (and others), certainly you could still hit the reply key, as I 
just did, then highlight the text you wish to snip and hit backspace. To 
be perfectly clear, you place the mouse pointer at one end of the text, 
hold down the left mouse button and run the mouse pointer to the end of 
the text to highlight it, then hit the delete key (or enter or even the 
space bar). Again, to be perfectly clear you highlight and snip only 
after you have hit reply and you are working in your outgoing mail window.
My daughter, home for Thanksgiving, has been a Mac user for two years. I 
just had her stand over my shoulder while I did exactly that with this 
post and she confirms her Mac works the same way.
Further more, she says of course you can copy and paste with a Mac. 
Highlight the text as usual, hold down the apple key and press "C" to 
copy. Then hold down the apple key and press "V" to paste. Who knew?

PS  The "perfectly clear" lines above were not for you, Jim. They were 
for the people you mentioned who do not know how to copy and paste... 
which reminds me... for those people, on a windows computer, you use the 
control (Ctrl) key in place of the apple key!

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