[NAFEX] Foxwhelp cider apple and victoria limbertwig

Claude Jolicoeur cjoli at gmc.ulaval.ca
Wed Nov 26 13:31:58 EST 2008

This is a quite common problem. It has been discussed some time ago on the 
Cider Digest - most (if not all) people - including myself - that acquired 
Foxwhelp found they had something else, and that apple is now often called 
Fauxwhelp (meaning Falsewhelp). I was told that the orchard in England 
where the scion wood was originally taken for exporting in USA had many 
trees whose rootstock had taken over the variety, so we might have the 
stock fruit. Others think it might be a seedling of Foxwhelp. It might also 
be simply a tagging error...
What is annoying is some people still think they have Foxwhelp and keep on 
dissiminating this false Foxwhelp.
So, may this make you feel better, you are not alone in this boat!
Claude, in Quebec.

At 13:07 2008-11-26, you wrote:
>Some years ago in a cider-apple fit, I got a foxwhelp on M26 from
>Raintree.  It had a decent little crop this year.  However, what I got
>was rather large red-streaked-over-yellow or green apples that ripened
>in late August and tasted pretty good fresh or cooked.  I'd have
>guessed cider apples weren't tasty fresh, and on rechecking the raintree
>catalog, they are supposed to be small apples that ripen in October.
>So I can't imagine I have the same apple.  What might I have?

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