[NAFEX] Foxwhelp cider apple and victoria limbertwig

Lisa Almarode lisaalmarode at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 26 13:07:17 EST 2008

Some years ago in a cider-apple fit, I got a foxwhelp on M26 from 
Raintree.  It had a decent little crop this year.  However, what I got 
was rather large red-streaked-over-yellow or green apples that ripened 
in late August and tasted pretty good fresh or cooked.  I'd have 
guessed cider apples weren't tasty fresh, and on rechecking the raintree 
catalog, they are supposed to be small apples that ripen in October.  
So I can't imagine I have the same apple.  What might I have?  

I have another apple problem, but with a rare apple.  I have a Victoria
Limbertwig, which looks like the description (dark purply medium size), 
but the apples are dry with no sweetness, no tartness, and no flavor. 
Anyone tasted these?  They weren't even any good dried.  After 4 or 5 
years of care I hate to have firewood...

Lisa in hot dry southern Oregon (currently cold and wet)


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