[NAFEX] crab apples

Claude Jolicoeur cjoli at gmc.ulaval.ca
Tue Nov 25 13:28:56 EST 2008

Dolgo is a great crab for jelly, sauce, butter, etc. It contains a lot of 
acidity, sugar and flavor. It is however a bit too acidic for juice and 
cider when added in too large proportion. In my opinion, no home orchard 
should be without some Dolgo. It is extremely hardy and very easy to grow.
Claude, in Quebec, zone 4

At 23:01 2008-11-24, you wrote:
>I  have heard that crab apples really add flavor to apple cider if used in 
>small amounts.  I'm thinking of planting a crab apple tree for that 
>reason. Has anybody added crab apples to applesauce to add zest?  Or 
>anything else like pie?  Jerry in southern Indiana

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