[NAFEX] Corail (Pinova)

David.Maxwell at dal.ca David.Maxwell at dal.ca
Mon Nov 17 10:15:46 EST 2008

I am curious as to how you make out getting Pinova (Corail) scions.  This is a patented 
cultivar, and when I tried last year to get scions I got a flat and absolute "No".  I was given the 
address of the patent holder (in Washington) and told that if they agreed, I could have a few 
sticks.  "They" wouldn't even bother to answer my request.
This is a whole area which I have not seen discussed on NAFEX - with the advent of the 
concept of patenting plant life, effectively most newer cultivars are placed out of the reach of 
backyard growers.  (Personally, I find the whole concept of patenting living things 
inappropriate.  I can understand the idea in relation to new cultivars, (even if I disagree with 
it), but then extending the concept to include things like neem oil (which has been around 
since before man) is abhorent.)
All this said, Corail is an excellent apple, not well known in North America (perhaps because 
of the control execised by the patent holders?), but widely available and popular in Europe.  
Crisp, juicy, very flavourful.  (Much more flavourful than most of the varieties in commercial 
cultivation in North America; does this say something about the tastes of North Americans vs. 
Europeans?  Is there a cultural difference in tastes?)
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