[NAFEX] Nafex and the economy

Donna &/or Kieran holycow at cookeville.com
Fri Nov 14 10:28:21 EST 2008

Well, are you all thinking about where we stand in the middle of economic collapse?  I think I asked this before, but maybe as winter closes in we'll have more time for discussion.  Having been through all this before in the 70's, I know that garden seed stocks will be short in the coming year as many people convert their backyard to a garden to make ends meet.  I always save seeds from my heirloom tomatoes and beans, but this year I am also saving seed from my sweet peppers, hot peppers, and winter squashes.  I'm thinking of starting plants in the spring to sell at the farmer's mkt, or for my son to do for extra income.  I think there will be a big upsurge in the buying and planting of fruit trees.  I see some sprouts around my blueberries and tame blackberries that could be dug and potted.  I have extra fruit trees in pots to get rid of.  I have seriously thought about taking a lot of them to a charity store that funds our local refuge for the homeless.  I'd be helping both people with little money who shop there, (fruit trees are expensive to buy retail these days!) and the people they feed and house.  And I can produce more trees for nothing if I dig apple roots and graft onto them.  Pears do better here, and should start cropping long before the suggested 15 year economic recovery period.  
    Hey, maybe I should do up a sort of all purpose article on Nafex for local newspapers.  Would you all think about offering it or locally altered versions of it in your local papers?   It's a thought I've had for some time.  Newspapers are strapped for cash like everyone else, actually they've been in trouble for some time now, and free articles are good for them.  Ours publishes the occasional all purpose article from the co agent or somewhere on ornamentals or how to fertilize your lawn.  Lee Reich's articles show up from time to time too.      Donna 
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