[NAFEX] Burn control regulations

Donna &/or Kieran holycow at cookeville.com
Fri Nov 14 10:14:20 EST 2008

"Sounds like kids just out of college with no common sense writing regulations. "

Have any of you read Temple Grandin's book, "Animals in Translation"?  She's the autistic woman who designs animal handling equipment for slaughterhouses.  She says cows are her favorite animals, so she doesn't want them hurt or frightened at the end.  She says that the 1970's were the "Golden Age of government regulation in America" during which most of the regulators were people who had worked in the industry they were regulating and knew something about it. (Presumably as workers rather than as industry owners.)  Now she says they are college graduates who have never done any real work.  
    To my surprise, we heard an interview on the shortwave regarding industry and how Europe has swept ahead of the US.  The interviewee said that in the 70's America had the best and safest factories and the best and safest products, and everyone in the world wanted to buy our products and copy our factories.  Now it's Europe, where he said environmental and worker protection laws are easy to pass because corporations are NOT ALLOWED to contribute to political campaigns.  
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