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b.harrick at ilslaunch.com writes:

> Jerry, I am jealous, I can only use a bb/pellet here--the squirrels jump
> up in the air when hit and are back within 15 minutes....sigh.....

Hi Barb,

Squirrels have a very tough skin, very tough. I believe that is why they can 
jump out of a tree 20 feet land flat on their stomachs and run off seemingly 
unhurt. Their hide holds then tight to absorb the shock. That tough skin also 
repels BBs. 
I've dressed, undressed ;-),  many rabbits whose skin is paper thin compared 
to squirrel. I'd also submit removing deer hide is easier than squirrel, just 
takes much longer. 

On the cherries, yes pit them before freezing, for sure. Much easier while 


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