[NAFEX] sour cherries and netting

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Hi Jerry-- I, too, have found that the 1/4 inch netting is superior and
I hate to tell you, that's what I use on the cherries--my trees are
about 5 + feet tall. 

I also have a lot of white tulle that would work as well (like the
curtains that were described--I got a roll on Ebay for a very small
sum--maybe 6$.  

If you have enough netting/fabric to cinch in around the bottom, I find
that bungee cords work well to hold it all together.

Also, does anyone have experience with Balaton sour cherries?


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Hi all. I have 2 dwarf pie cherries--Northstar and Montmorency (on
Gisella 5 rootstock from Raintree). They are compact, full of fruit
(first year I planted!) and easy to net--I just threw the netting over
them and it kept birds and squirrels at bay (and I have some feisty,
resourceful squirrels!) I just made a pie from them that was amazing,
although they tend to freeze a brick red/brown color which is so so, but
taste was great.

Does anyone have experience with a pie cherry that freezes red?

Thanks, Barbara


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What kind of netting did you use and where did you get it?  I need
for blueberries, but not deer netting as that is too difficult to work
jerry in southern indiana

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