[NAFEX] Apple tastes

S & E Hills ehills7408 at wowway.com
Sun Nov 2 19:59:16 EST 2008

Best apple I've had this year was a "Golden Supreme" picked at a PYO here in
Michigan.  I went out and walked the aisles, trying fruit I though was
interesting and I normally prefer reds to yellows, but something about
Golden Supreme looked good so I tried one.  The rest of my bushel was Golden

My son loved them so much that he took a bite out of each of the ones we had
left less than a week after we had picked them.  (we picked the last week of
September).  Second week of Oct we went back (with a church group) and there
wasn't any Golden Supremes left unpicked (I got Mutsu this time, but not as
good) My son agrees as he hasn't taken a bite out of the Mutsu's and its
been a couple weeks now.

Scott Hills
Zone 6b Michigan

(likes em tart with some sweetness, juicy and crisp)

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