[NAFEX] How much should I thin fruit/flowers from a young Asianpersimmon?

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Sat May 31 09:25:08 EDT 2008

Without seeing the tree, I couldn't say for sure.  But I would not thin Asian persimmons too much, too soon.  In my experience, many of the young fruit drop, particularly when there isn't another persimmon nearby to pollinate.  On the other hand, with pollination and good environmental conditions, you will get too much fruit set.  This uncertainty leads me to wait to thin Asian persimmons until they are about an inch in diameter.  When you do thin, leave a minimum of 4-5 inches between fruits.  Thin harder if the tree is not vigorous or has anything else that reduces leaf area.

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>"Betsy,  Judging from one small tree grafted from scions that Lucky and
>I are
>convinced is kaki rather than American, there will be LOTS of blossoms
>only a few fruit, so don't worry too much about the tree overdoing it.
>got 4 fruit last year from a tree about the size of yours.  You can
>hand thin if you have to.   Donna "
>Thanks Donna,
>Good to know.  Should I thin maybe 1 fruit to a branch at this stage?
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