[NAFEX] Ladder Recommendations

Erdman, James ErdmanJ at uwstout.edu
Thu May 29 08:57:47 EDT 2008


A number of years ago we bought a wood Baldwin orchard ladder at a
regional growers' supply place.  We got the 2 leg style that comes to a
point, and it works well.  I am thinking of buying or making a 3 leg one
for those times when it would be helpful.


I think that we got a 12 foot ladder, and sometimes I wish it was a 14
footer, but extra height has its disadvantages, too.


Jim, in Menomonie, WI


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I was wondering if any of you had ladders for use in the orchard in and
around fruit trees for picking, thinning, etc. that you would recommend.
A specific brand or even just a type of ladder that you prefer and why.

Thanks in advance.



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