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Lisa D. Ishimuro lishimuro at yahoo.com
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I checked my only Asian pear today, 'Hosui', planted in 1999. It has fruit, needs to be thinned, but the tree is very small suffering from deer damage. I then started looking at my other trees and noticed many of the apple varieties, while lush and healthy looking, do not have much fruit.  We did not have a late frost here as others have had. I think it may have gotten to 30* and I did not notice any damage. My pears, plums and cherries have definitely set a good amount of fruit, but I do not know why the apples haven't.   I am green with envy with the person who has such  a crop with the Cox Orange Pippin. I have tried to grow that for years and the whips always died.  I have only done one spray this season, about a week ago. Did dormant oil in March. Trees pruned by a professional in March.
  Frost predicted in Poconos tonight...that is scary.  Wondering what is happening in the northern tiers??    BTW....up to 4 groundhogs. Mom and 3 young. I know of at least one more around, cabbage is the ticket.  And as another side note, as much as I dread the deer damage, I noticed a doe across the street in the fields, she was limping and then I noticed she only had 3 legs. She put her head down and then I saw a  fawn begin to nurse....that was over the weekend. I watch for her everyday and today I saw her with twins! Unbelievable.
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