[NAFEX] Thinning

Doreen Howard gardendiva at charter.net
Tue May 27 22:36:34 EDT 2008

My apple and Asian pears are totally loaded with fruit, too.  We had an infestation of those nasty biting black flies from the northern Wisconsin lakes this spring.  They blew in with all the Canadian fronts we keep having every other day!  Plenty of honey and bumble bees, too.

I figure if I thin to one per cluster and space 6-7 inches apart, I'm still going to have a huge crop, with seven antique apple varieties, a Golden Delicious for universal pollen, a Pixe Crunch and Honey Crisp.  Then there are two Asian pears.

With the price of produce, I'm thinking about storage issues for this bumper crop.  Both my husband and I eat an apple for lunch every day, and I use them to cook, too.

What is the best way to store apples?  Our basement never gets below about 55F, even though it may be -20F outside.  The garage has two walls that are common with the house and warmer.  It rarely dips below 15F in the middle of garage and is about 10 degrees warmer at the heated walls.  Would crates of apples with moist sand in the bottom of each work?

Any and all ideas are appreciated.
Doreen Howard
WI-IL Border, Zone 4b
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