[NAFEX] Thinning

Naomi Counides naomi at oznayim.us
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I am not commercial so when I thin the tree I think this mantra, "who is
going to pick all this fruit?  Who is going to eat all this fruit?  Who is
going to clean up the mess when the fruit falls on the ground?"  Even so I
look at the tree two weeks later and think, "shoulda done more thinning."

Zone 6 Idaho with gobs of cots, plums and Apples in the trees.. Peaches not
so much this year.  Had to take out my big Madison.

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We have thinned all clusters down to the best one, usually the king bloom.
We do the thinning about a week before the bagging. except when we miss one
or two. This seems faster to not be doing both at the same time, yes you go
over the same area twice.

We bagged using Wally's sandwich bags at $2 for 100 and now have used 2300
bags and have more to go. So we may have not thinned enough! We have not
done the 6" rule for the apples.

We did thin one peach tree and it is a big elberta. We estimated the 3
gallons of picks at 150 per pint to be 3600 extra peaches. These we do thin
to one per 6" of branch or one fruit to 12 leaves. No we do not count leaves
just estimate how bushy the branch is and leave fruit accordingly. We
usually still get 300 - 400 lbs of nice peaches from this tree if we thin
enough! If not we have broken branches and get 300 - 400 lbs of small so so
peaches. We have to be ruthless in thinning the peaches and maybe should
also for the apples. They may size up better and taste much better like the

N. Idaho

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