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I like the baggies with the twist tie.




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I've been bagging apples using sandwich bags and noticed a few things.   


I bought 900 bags at Meijer, since they were cheap (about $6.50 per 300
count box) but the seals just don't snap shut well.  After one day, some had
come off, and the seal has opened up on many others.


So I bought some at Kroger and although they are slightly more expensive,
they have deeper grooves on the seal and they close very securely and
tightly.  Last year I used these Kroger bags and they stayed on all year.
I'm surprised that there's such a difference in the bags.


It takes a while to prepare these baggies for use.  I cut off the lower two
corners with a sharp knife (10 to 15 bags at a time) and them remove the
excess flap near the seal with scissors. 


After installing 200 of these baggies, I noticed an obvious thing: there is
no need to remove the flap for long stem apple varieties. Most of my trees
have pretty long stems, so I can save some work by skipping that step. I do
have a couple short stem varieties though that will require that extra step.




SE Michigan 

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