[NAFEX] A blackberry for the North Country

Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Sun May 25 09:43:59 EDT 2008

Ernest Plutko wrote, "An old guy who lives near me gave me several cut-off 
canes of what he called a blackberry.  He explained they were brought here 
in pioneer days from Canada.  He said the canes are hardy and do not die in 
the Winter even if not covered and bear heavily.  He said the canes are long 
and arch over to the ground.  Also said the canes spread rapidly.  They are 
growing a few leaves but the leaves have three instead of five leaflets. 
The cane color is purple with a whitish bloom.  Thorns are not huge but 
bigger than red raspberries.  I am wondering if these are black 

Ernest, I have found a wild blackberry that answers to that description.  I 
found it in 2007 and brought it home to see what it does.
My experience with bringing wild blackberry plants home is they don't 
perform for me like they did in the wild.  I suspect they don't like my 
fertile soil - I don't know what else it could be - I transplant them into 
conditions I found them in except they grew in the poorest of soils and I 
can't duplicate that here at home.  As for how it performs, it'll be a 
couple of years before I can report on it.

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