[NAFEX] To bemuse you; one confused Liberty apple tree

fuwa fuwa usagi fuwafuwausagi at muchomail.com
Sat May 24 19:49:16 EDT 2008

Well here in zone 4b/5a land 50 miles west from the Chicago lake front we have had on very late spring.   In fact I had seeded and my Kentucky blue grass and it had started to grow when we had  a couple on inches of snow.  Anyways, my trees are all confused now.  My Liberty apple has always bloomed over a few weeks but this year it is totally confused.  Most of the entire tree has bloomed and the blossoms are dropping but a few are still in the red tip stage and at the same time I have some apple formation between 3/8ths and 1/2 inch.   

Anyways, I just thought that amuse some of you. 



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