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Google "pokeweed toxicity"

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>I have been watching the exchanges of information on Poke Weed aka
>Poke Salad. There are two varieties of Phytolacca americana (poke
>weed) the common variety that grows over most of the eastern United
>States and Phytolacca americana var. rigida that grows only in the
>southern states. I believe there are some differences although both
>seem to be toxic in some respects. This may account for the different
>views that have been exchanged.
>Richard Ashton
>Oak Creek Orchard
>bwoodtx at verizon.net
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>  When I took a weed identification class a few years ago in renewing
>my pesticide license, the 'expert' teaching the class was
>uncomfortable with people eating pokeweed.  She also recommended
>handling it with gloves as she stated there was evidence that Poke
>Weed suppressed the immune system.
>  Chris Mauchline
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