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Lisa D. Ishimuro lishimuro at yahoo.com
Tue May 20 07:50:35 EDT 2008

Sorry if this is off-topic, but just wanted to thank again the person who suggested I use cabbage to trap a ground hog. Got him last night. I sprayed the trap with WD-40, realized its scent might deter the beast, but I put in another handful of cabbage (raw) and it worked like a charm!  This was after he had gotten out of the trap twice that morning....He had eaten all my seedling raised heirloom tomatoes (tomatoes are a FRUIT I think?) so I was not happy.
  Also, the post about deer eating some new growth, or spiney shoots, we have  MAJOR deer problems here in Bucks Co, Pa.  They will eat anything, and especially love thorny roses  :(, my other obsession.  For the fruit trees I found small plastic pen-like clips that are filled with garlic. You break the seal, clip it on a branch, and they do seem to work. That and Liquid Fence.    Thanks again, Lisa    Cold and cloudy zone 6

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