[NAFEX] North Side

Robert C. Mullins mullins at gaelicmysts.com
Mon May 19 17:42:11 EDT 2008

I have an area on the North side of the house.  Up next to the house 
really.  Of course it only recieves sun in the early morning hours.  I 
would say roughly 2-4 maximum.  I am in Zone 8a, hot and humid summers,  
and I was wondering if there were vegetables, fruits, or herbs that I 
could plant there that would do well.  Seems the previous owner planted 
some hedges there that died, and I am getting ready to clean it out and 
work up the dirt there.  Any ideas?

Robert C. Mullins M.S. IT
GaelicMysts, Owner
Clarksville, Ar
Zone 8a

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