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Before committing resources to raising 'Issai' seedlings, you should know
that while 'Issai' is self-pollinating, it is not self-fertile. It also is
not very hardy, maybe -10F to -15F at most. It produces non-viable pollen
like any other female kiwi, but this pollen can induce parthenocarpic fruit
set in 'Issai' under certain conditions. Any viable seeds in an 'Issai'
fruit must be from cross-pollination. Also, 'Issai' is a hybrid, and not a
pure A. arguta, and has a different number of chromosomes ('Issai' is 6x, A.
arguta are 4x). If an arguta male was used for pollination, the seedlings
will have an odd number of chromosomes, and probably low fertility. The
first to bloom after about 2 or more years will likely be sterile males.

'Issai' will cross easily with the fuzzy kiwifruit, A. deliciosa, which is
also 6x, so this is also a possibility for your seeds, but the seedlings
will be mostly quite tender. While 'Issai' is potentially a good breeding
parent, the resources you spend growing seedlings with an unknown pollen
parent, will be way more than that $18 you will spend for a named selection.

With the exception of A. kolomikta, all of the seedlings from these seeds
will require winter protection in Montana. Also be warned, A. kolomikta
seeds, when naturally stratified, will often take two years to germinate.
You can stratifiy them in a refrigerator for 3 months and some will
germinate, but many more will require a second cold stratification after a
warm period.

I'm not trying to discourage you from growing seedlings, just want to make
sure you know what you are getting yourself into. I certainly encourage more
nafexers to grow seedlings and select plants that are better adapted to
their local conditions than selections made in other locations. Growing
seedlings can be fun and sometimes you get pleasant surprises, but you also
need lots of patience and realistic expectations.

Good luck!

zn6/7 TN

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> last spring i planted Actinidia arguta in my garden.
> from One Green World i ordered 'Tatyana', 'Natasha'
> and 'Andrey' and purchased an unnamed female from a
> nursery here in Montana. as of yesterday the female
> 'Natasha' and the male 'Andrey' are starting to leaf
> out on last years vines which means they survived a
> few weeks of -40 to -60  without protection.
> i have seeds coming for Actinidia chinensis, Actinidia
> kolomikta, Actinidia polygama and Actinidia purpurea
> and also seeds taken from the self fertile A. arguta
> 'Issai' to try and grow as the wife doesnt like me
> spending $18 per on experiment plants.
> Sheridan S.
> northeast Montana
> zone 3/4
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