[NAFEX] growing chestnuts

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I have certainly cared for the trees, they are mulched, protected from
deer and are in full sun.  The only pests I have experienced are
Japanese beetles which I zap with pyrethroids midseason.

I only removed flowers during the first 2 years of blooms.  Could that
alone make the difference?

I don't know about rootstock, although I obtained the trees from
reputable nurseries - from Cliff England and John Brittain.

Thanks for everyone's comments.  Hopefully I can find a solution.  They
are so precocious, I hate to give up when I have a chance of a chestnut
crop during my lifetime!

Betsy Hilborn

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I have grown to size and sold grafted Chinese chestnuts and Dunston
chestnuts for close to 20 years and have several large trees growing on
my own property and the only ones to ever fail were absolutely neglected
trees I planted in small forest clearings.  I was told that the grafted
Dunstons would have difficulty surviving my zone 6 but I have found that
if the flowers are removed for the first 3 or 4 years the trees can
survive here just fine.

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