[NAFEX] Unsweet melons

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Sun May 18 16:34:27 EDT 2008

I am in zone7/8 in north Texas so I am not too far north for melons.? I do have a black gumbo tight clay soil which is not ideal for melons.? I have raised on one variety of melon which had a decent sweet flavor.? That was the Christmas melon.? I have been told to stop watering the vines after the melons are about half size but if I did that the vines would die in the summer heat from lack of water.? They require lots of water to survive.? I have tried various varieties over the last thirty or so years without success.? I had a labor across the street from me who said he never had such a problem but the melons he gave me were just like the ones I grew; tasteless and not sweet.

?Gordon Hale
Grand Prairie, Texas
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