[NAFEX] K-81-6 Raspberries thriving in zone 3

Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Sun May 18 09:35:15 EDT 2008

    Last year a University of Minnesota professor had an article in the 
Minnesota Department of Agriculture's IPM monthly magazine.  In it he wrote 
that the K-81-6 Raspberry wouldn't survive in Minnesota.  I wrote to the 
editor asking if Pequot Lakes was still located in Minnesota since K-81-6 is 
alive and thriving in my orchard.  The editor refused to correct the 
misinformation for what must be obvious reasons (to him).
    That is really too bad because  K-81-6 produces easy to pick fruit that 
is nearly twice as large as other summer red raspberries and just slightly 
smaller than a Boysenberry.

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