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> If anyone has any tips for ridding ground hogs could you PLEASE let me 
> know?  I have tried the heart traps, the .22 and gopher bombs.... the .22 works 
> the best but unfortunately I am not home all the time!   What bait works good 
> in the trap? 

I have a friend who eats them. I'll bet they are good. I've not, but mainly 
because my wife will not cook them. I've asked! I've eaten raccoons which are 

Anyway, your locally Farm Bureau Co-op or Grower’s Co-op may have gas bombs. 
Simply plug up all entrances except one or two. Then have dirt in the shovel 
ready to plug the last entrance(s), light and throw in a gas bomb (they don't 
blow up, but generates a stifling cloud of smoke) and plug it. Better to have 
all entrances ready and bomb each one. Then stand by and watch for smoke coming 
out of an unplugged hole. 


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