[NAFEX] ground hogs and orchard mowing

Lisa D. Ishimuro lishimuro at yahoo.com
Fri May 16 07:43:32 EDT 2008

If anyone has any tips for ridding ground hogs could you PLEASE let me know?  I have tried the heart traps, the .22 and gopher bombs.... the .22 works the best but unfortunately I am not home all the time!   What bait works good in the trap?  Those suckers are really smart, I swear they can see me move inside the house.
  Also, I would like to know how most of you mow your orchards. Do you spray weed killer around the trees? I mow and would like to eliminate some of this chore and just mow one or two paths, but I do not own a tractor and mowing the really tall grass later in the season would be a problem. Any help appreciated!  Thanks, Lisa

Lisa Ishimuro 
Environmental Protection Specialist II 
Bucks County Conservation District 
1456 Ferry Road 
Doylestown, Pa. 18901 
215-345-7577 Ext. 102
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