[NAFEX] Cicadas

cevanko at civconinc.com cevanko at civconinc.com
Thu May 15 15:43:32 EDT 2008

Last year Illinois had its plague of 17 year cicadas.  I was given some
misinformation that they don't do much damage.  BULL!  I have many whips
that have been set back at least 2 years and several that died outright. 
The problem is that ovipositor chops up the underside of the twigs
(usually about 3/8 of an inch) so much that it is too weak and bends under
pressure.  If more that one cicada hits a twig the cambium is so damaged
that everything above it dies.  All my trees except conifers suffered
damage, especially oaks.

Had I known the damage these things can do, I would have invested in
netting and covered everything under ten feet in height.  The damage is
also taking a toll this year in that several trees did not make it thru
the winter while others snapped off.  I've done extensive pruning trying
to get the dead wood out.  And now I have 16 years to forget all this.

Craig Evankoe
30 mi outside Chicago Z5

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