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Fri May 9 12:30:28 EDT 2008

Thank you Lucky. Good information. 

lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu writes:

> As has been previously noted, in some states relocation of trapped wildlife 
> - including raccoons - is prohibited, and any wildlife biologist will tell 
> you straight up that it's a bad idea, both for the relocated animal, as well as 
> the population already in existence at the site of relocation.
> People would like to think that they're being kind, but in many instances, 
> relocation results in a slow, lingering death due to starvation and 
> competition from the established resident population into which they've dumped this 
> 'new' animal - not to mention that an 'urban' racoon may not be especially adept 
> at surviving 'in the wild'. 
> Far better for all concerned to dispatch troublesome raccoons, rabbits, etc. 
> rapidly and humanely with a bullet.
> Lucky Pittman

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