[NAFEX] Bird protection for cherries - As they do it in China.

Road's End Farm organic87 at frontiernet.net
Thu May 8 11:57:25 EDT 2008

On May 8, 2008, at 11:40 AM, Dr. Chiranjit Parmar wrote:

> I was in China two years back had visited the cherry plantation of the 
> China
> Academy of Agricultural Sciences.  There I saw a simple but very 
> effective
> technique to control birds.  They were putting nylon fibre nets (not 
> like
> the ones used by fishermen) put like volley ball nets around the 
> plantation.
> The height of the net was adjusted in such a manner that it 
> commensurated
> with the normal flying height of the birds.  So it was about a metre 
> wide,
> fixed like a volley ball play ground nuts.  The birds used to get 
> trapped in
> this net and could not come out.  They ultimately died in a day or 
> two.  The
> sight of trapped birds and their distress calls probably frightened 
> other
> birds and they keep away.  It was quite inexpensive and VERY effective.


We do not want to trap the birds and kill them slowly. We don't want to 
kill the birds at all; we want them happy and healthy and eating pests 
elsewhere on the farm. Any money you save with this "inexpensive" 
system is going to be spent on additional pesticides needed because 
you've lost the advantage of the birds. Overall they are beneficials; 
they are only a pest while the fruit is ripening, and then only if they 
can get at that fruit.

What you are suggesting, adopted on any sort of scale, could cause 
significant ecological damage (something China has only recently 
started paying any attention to). Some of the birds trapped could 
easily be endangered species. I suspect this could get you into serious 
legal trouble in the USA.

Please do *not* post pictures of this. In addition to the ecological 
problems, I just plain don't want to look at them.

Finger Lakes NY; zone 5 mostly
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