[NAFEX] Anybody got Winter Banana scionwood?

Derekcs2005 at aol.com Derekcs2005 at aol.com
Thu May 8 09:35:06 EDT 2008

Hello Lucky,
Not sure of you received an answer back yet but I still have a refrigerator  
full of scions and can check for Winter Banana. I have done a lot of  grafting 
this year, will let you know tomorrow.
In a message dated 5/6/2008 11:52:46 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu writes:

I know  it's getting pretty late into the season, but I had an email 
from a fellow  in CO who was looking for some Winter Banana scionwood 
to use to rework a  pair of young callery pears in his yard so that he 
could try his hand at  fostering several different apple varieties 
onto these trees next  year.

Does anyone have, or know anyone who might have some  
dormant-collected Winter Banana apple scionwood available?  His  
calleries are just now finishing up their bloom period, so he's just  
now coming into his grafting window.


Lucky  Pittman
USDA Cold Zone 6
AHS Heat Zone 7
Hopkinsville, KY  

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