[NAFEX] Euro-ribes and afternoon sun. Z6 S. N.Y.

William C. Garthright billg at inebraska.com
Wed May 7 23:30:21 EDT 2008

> In a posting about ribes in the lower zones it was recently suggested 
> that they'd appreciate protection from the afternoon sun.  Speaking 
> theoretically it seems to me that they would need protection from 
> mid-day or high-sky sun.  The poster might have meant early afternoon 
> sun but at least the last half of afternoon should be an ideal light 
> intensity in zone 8 just as late morning sun would not be.  Make sense?
> If I'm correct the ideal strategy would be to have the shading 
> directly over-head.  Can anyone coroberate this with actual experience?

No, but my gooseberries seem to do just fine with ONLY mid-day sun. Of 
course, they don't get much sun, since they're shaded on the east and on 
the west, but the few hours of overhead sun didn't seem to bother them 
last year.

No problem with sunburn, either, but they're so young that only two 
plants produced berries last year. And the berries, hanging underneath 
low-hanging branches, were pretty well shaded anyway, I think.

In addition, I've got clove currants on the west side of the house. 
They're shaded until very late morning, then again in the early 
afternoon to a variable extent (a big maple is to the southwest). But 
those at the north end of the row get considerable afternoon sun, and 
it's nasty hot there in the summer. The ground just bakes in the heat. 
True, the plants are six or seven feet from the house, so they're not 
right up against it. But I imagine these clove currants can handle this 
location a lot better than gooseberries or other currants could.

No berries yet on the clove currants, so I can't say anything about 
that. And you're right - in both cases, these locations didn't seem 
suited for anything else. I didn't look for the best location in which 
to plant /Ribes/; I had the locations first, and needed plants that 
would grow there.

Lincoln, NE (zone 5)

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