[NAFEX] Euro-ribes and afternoon sun. Z6 S. N.Y.

Scott Smith scott at cs.jhu.edu
Tue May 6 11:02:25 EDT 2008

Alan, the high-sky sun is from around 10AM to 2PM (there is not too  
much difference in intensity in that period) but the air is much  
warmer in the 12-2 part making it overall the most stressful period  
for plants not happy in heat.  So, shading in that period alone would  
be the ideal I would say, or maybe until 3PM.  The number of planting  
spots  with such shade is few however; it is much more common to find  
a spot with morning but no afternoon sun and so I think that is why  
people talk about afternoon shading.  I had some currants in a spot  
with only morning sun and they were very happy.  I also had some ribes  
in a spot with more shade and they were not happy there.  Given my  
good luck with my morning sun planting I have put in a new ribes  
planting this spring which gets sun from morning to noon.

zone 6/7 Maryland

> In a posting about ribes in the lower zones it was recently  
> suggested that they'd appreciate protection from the afternoon sun.  
> Speaking theoretically it seems to me that they would need  
> protection from mid-day or high-sky sun. The poster might have meant  
> early afternoon sun but at least the last half of afternoon should  
> be an ideal light intensity in zone 8 just as late morning sun would  
> not be. Make sense? If I'm correct the ideal strategy would be to  
> have the shading directly over-head. Can anyone coroberate this with  
> actual experience?
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