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Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
Sun May 4 13:17:33 EDT 2008

Glad to read the discussion on gooseberries.  But I have no idea where the
growers who posted are located, except for Lon.  So, it's hard to know if
their experience translates to me in the mid-Atlantic/Southern Appalachian

Invicta sunburns badly for us, even in a spot with afternoon shade beginning
2-3 pm.  Also a magnet for currant worms and a beetle looking like locust
borers.  Hence Invicta behaves as our "trap crop" for gooseberry pests.  But
we keep our two plants growing because my wife likes it best for fresh

Poorman our worst yielder over multiple years against about a dozen others,
so removed.

Invicta is the only patented gooseberry we grow; and the patent issue is why
we've avoided the Hinnomaki Red and Yellow.  I assume they are still under

When moving to our new farm, I will be planting out Amish Red, Captivator
and Glenndale.  The latter is the most productive and heat resistant for us.

Our new place has dozens of naturalized gooseberries in the fencerows and
overgrown pasture.  Will be interesting to try to ID it.

Richard Moyer
1800' elevation
Historically Zone 6 winters
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