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   Sorry, I forget.  My computer is in the shop so I can't sign my signature on this loaner.  I just assumed most everyone knows I'm from Pequot lakes, Minnesota.

Jim Fruth

Jim, you did not indicated your location. This is very exciting as I always 
considered p. ussuriensis to be kind of useless except as a rootstock. 
Claude Jolicoeur, in his interesting articles on pears in Northern climate 
in Pomona  mentioned different good varieties with p. ussuriensis parentage. 
Derry in BC was wondering about the reject syndrome sometimes associated 
with p.  ussuriensis. This is a blind shot, but is it possible that 
varieties with p. ussuriensis in their parentage would be easier to graft on 
p. ussuriensis rootstock? 
H?l?ne, zone 3-4, north of Ottawa 
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>   I harvest mine when the fruits exhibit the slightest color change.  I 
> refrigerate them for about two weeks, then bring them into room 
> temperature to finish ripening.  They are always a sell-out at the 
> farmers' market with folks wanting more but I only ever have enough for a 
> one day sale. 
> Jim Fruth 

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