[NAFEX] NAFEX website...temporary service issues - and a request...

mangodance bmn at iglou.com
Sat May 3 10:08:17 EDT 2008

Folks - there will be a few hours of possible connectivity issues with 
the NAFEX website.  I'm moving the hosting fo the site and it may takea 
few hours to stabilize.  Once done, the meeting info will be immediately 

Additionally, it may take until Monday-Tuesday for online payment 
options for membershoip, etc., as we have to confirm the electronic 
payment issues with our payment vendors.

Anyway, the site will be entirely available today.  Changes are also 

Also, it should be noted that many of the interest groups have nothing 
on their pages.  Can folks who are in those interest groups contact me 
so that we can get something in there as intro text?  I will also need 
good pictures of plants, fruits, etc.  So, poke around the site and let 
me know where you might be able to assist.  Thanks for your time.

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