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> The one thing I do know about global warming is that it does not mean just 
> an increase in temperature, but the disruption of "normalcy"-- whether it be 
> rainfall patterns, seasons, wind, temperature, etc. 

What is normal?  

As it was 400 years when they had a cooling such that the River Tams froze 
over every year and merchants set up shops on the river? This period lasted two 
hundred +/- years. Grapes wasn't a viable crop which it was 1,000 years before 
that and when the Romans ruled England.  

Was the ice age 25,000 years ago normal, when ice covered a large portion of 
North America? 

Or millions of years ago when earth temps were much higher than today? When 
vegetation grew rampant which made today's coal fields?   

What may seem normal to us yesterday is but a micro flash of time in the 
history of earth. 

The history channel has had some very enlightening programs on this subject. 


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